I thought it would be neat to see what folks hobbies are. Who knew that my Nuvi would turn into another one.
Most of mine are outdoor related hobbies. I love fishing, hunting, gardening, and almost anything that involves guns.

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I too enjoy outdoor hobbies. I workout each day either putting miles on my feet or on my road bicycle. I have covered over 3,600 miles on my cycle in the past 2 years and about 1,200 miles either walking or running in the past year.

I am also in the process of remodeling my second house in three years, so I guess I can count remodeling and do-it-yourself projects as a hobby also. Additionally I enjoy building computers and operating anything "gadgety" or "techy."

Target shooting and collecting weapons are also high on my list of hobbies, in addition to my being a Ham Radio Operator first licensed in 1981.

You are correct about GPSing. I too have found it to be one of the most useful hobbies if have acquired over my lifetime.

My hobbies are: playing

My hobbies are: playing tennis, computers, gadgets, traveling to new places (why I love the GPS), and eating at good but cheap restaurants (ie hole in the wall treasures).

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My hobbies would be scuba diving and flying.


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brewing beer

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Computer user, biking, fish (goldfish), beginner woodworker.


Making Fishing Rods,

Making Fishing Rods, Sailing/Racing boats, Travel


Fishing and metal detecting.


Ham radio, juggling, musical theatre, catching up on sleep!

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I like fishing and hunting and shooting my weapons. Also like kite flying, computer gadgets, GPSing, and traveling.


We do a lot of camping and like to try new places, which is the main reason I got a GPS in the first place. Other hobbies include woodworking, fixing broken stuff, DIY home improvement, photography and computers.

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Working on computers and collecting Zippo Lighters


Computers,Collecting & Repairing GPS's, Hand Built Custom Oak Kaleidoscopes.

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By the time I work all day

By the time I work all day then come home, eat dinner, take care of my 2 dogs and do my home responsibilities I don't have much time left for my hobbies. However, I am a photographer, a power computer user, a poet and I have my own side home repair business. I enjoy doing all of these.

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Mostly outdoor stuff. Shooting Clays, Skeet, Trap. Any kind of target practice.

we must be twins !!

we must be twins !!

All over the place

Review movies, collect stamps, run a classical music website, play with my dog....

Oh yeah.....

I have a fairly large collection of antique home made ice cream freezers.

Computers, guns, and

Computers, guns, and motorcycles--mostly.

Motorcycle trips

Next one is at the end of April, 2009, from Central Illinois to Atlanta, Ga. (Weather permitting)

Anybody along or near US 41 that would like to say "HI" or ride along for a bit ??

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