GPS units have become so cheap, I had to pick up another one


I'm amazed at how far and how fast prices have fallen on GPS units.

I still remember in 2006 when I paid over $350 for a Garmin C320 with very limited internal memory.

Just a couple of days ago I could not pass up on a cheap GPS, a TomTom 125 for $80 with free case from Staples.

I really didn't need another GPS, but having only used Garmin and Magellan, I really wanted to try a TomTom and see how I would like it.

$80 seemed like bargin, so I snatched the TomTom125 up. Can't wait for it to arrive at the house so I can try it out!

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I picked up a great deal yesterday at H.H. Gregg - a Magellan Roadmate 1212 for $99.97 plus tax. Their website had this listed yesterday as a web-only order but I found it at my local store for the same price as the 1200. With TTS and extra POI's over the 1200 - what a steal.

Here is the address if anyone is interested:

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