Hi - Does anyone have a Petroglyph POI file or know where there is any?

Thank you

A lot of it isn't made available to the public

Much of the information about the location of archaeological, environmental, and culturally sensitive areas is not made available to the public due to fears of vandalism, pot hunters, etc. I have been told by a professional in the field that such location information in federal files is actually exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. I've never attempted to verify her assertion, but I have no reason to doubt her.

Hi Felix - I did wonder

Hi Felix - I did wonder about that but in doing a google search it seems there are lots of location told but mostly not with gps figures. Some do have. I noticed I drive near one in Neveda but never knew it was there. Without building my own list I wondered if there were any lists around. I will say I haven't run into any on Google search.



Wikipedia has a list of quite a few sites, but to come up with precise coordinates would take some research.


It's pretty doubtful you'll find what you are looking for. The info isn't readily available and the folks who DO have the info aren't likely to want to share it. Sad, but there are just too many folks who vandalize sites whether intentionally or out of ignorance. You'll find the same issue with spelunking sites.

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