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I am finaly in an area where my free 1 year MSN trial works. I receive all the weather, traffic, gas prices and movie times just fine. The porblem I ran into is that the mail screen displays a "thunder storm" icon. When I touch it, it says "no matches found". Then if I touch the bottom corner to view my next turn while navigating, it also selects the thunderstorm icon. I don't think my fingers are that fat, but it is a strange happening. Also, does anyone know where to look for an explenation for the symbols that MSN displays on the main screen when navigating? Can anyone help?

nüvi 680, latest update

nüvi 680, 265t, 295W, iFinder H2o

There are several threads on

There are several threads on this topic, already. It seems to be specific to the 680. I had the 680 and had to return 3 of them, before I got one that didn't have this ailment. I never had much luck with resetting the unit but you can try. Fortunately, I had bought them all from Costco and had no problem in returning all of them to my nearest Costco store. On my fourth try, I got one that was good and I still have it. It's the best nuvi I ever had, once I got rid of the dreaded lightening bolt. I still have it, although, I recently upgraded to the 765T.


Thanks gerrydrake, I hadn't checked any earlier post as I probably should have. I found one by ntabby that said they had deleted a file called I deleted it and will see what happens next time out. Been down with bronchitis, so may be a day or more before I get out again, but I'll post the results here.

nüvi 680, 265t, 295W, iFinder H2o

Deleted the file

Deleted the file and WX directory and the lightning bolts are still there. Don't know what I'll try next.

nüvi 680, 265t, 295W, iFinder H2o

Wx alerts

On my c580 the icon would show, and then go away after the bad weather was past. It would not show the alert area though (no matches found). It never was a big deal to me and was not on the screen very much at all.


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Response from Garmin. WIll

Response from Garmin. WIll check with MSN on Saturday:

Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

I am sorry to hear you are having this issue with your unit.
Unfortunatly, the information that is being displayed comes from MSN if
you are receiving incorrect information you may want to contact MSN
direct to report the error. I recommend updating the GPS firmware, this
included updates for Bluetooth, GPS Software, Voice Language, and
Traffic Receiver software in case there could be an issue with the
information the unit is receiving. To do this please click on the link
below to download a program called Web Updater, once downloaded launch
the program to update the GPS Unit firmware, after this agree to the
prompt to search for additional updates, and make sure to check mark all
applicable updates. This should help your resolve your issue.

With Best Regards,

James P
Product Support Specialist
2nd Shift Automotive Team
Garmin International
913-440-8280 (fax) Att: James P

nüvi 680, 265t, 295W, iFinder H2o