I am on my second Nuvi 765T and this suffers from the same problem as the original.

The screen goes blank for a millisecond several times and then powers down after about 80 minutes or so and refuses to restart for up to 15 minutes (On both vehicle and battery power)

I followed the advice of Garmin (UK) and installed the latest software yesterday but the unit still inssists on shuting down.

Anyone suffered the same problems

I had the same thing happen.

I had the same thing happen. Driving along and it just powers off. I retured it and am waiting for the replacement. I have no ideas why it does this and apparently, neither does Garmin.


my 755t just reboots when driving. i would say if happens twice on a 12 hour trip.

nuvi 755t

similar experience

my 765T has rebooted a couple of times while driving...can't recall if I have always been on a route, or if it has also happened in map view.

I have not updated the firmware to 2.50

not about to return it though...I can live with it for now.

— (Garmin nuvi 765T) — "people who say money can't buy happiness, don't know where to shop"


I've never seen my 765 reboot or power down while driving yet.

The only problem I've had is losing all sound after making a Bluetooth phone call, until I turn it off and back on, but this hasn't happened in awhile.

Garmin were very helpful in

Garmin were very helpful in this matter and I must offer my heartfelt appreciaton to Garmin UK and CA. Congratulations on first class customer service.

I changed the unit today for the Nuvi 860 and hopefully will experience no problems with this unit. OK its not got lane assist but I can live without this as I seldom use UK Motorways.

Thank you Garmin

Happened on my 760

My 760 pulled the same thing when I was looking up an address for a destination and a custom photo enforcement camera poi came into range. It alerted me to the camera but then got its wires crossed and shut down. A quick reboot solved the problem for the time being, but I'm sure it is likely to happen again if the circumstances within the unit happen again.