c330 Car mount charger broken


I have a c330 that I got from the mother in law. The charger that is integrated into the windshield mount is broken. It is just the little metal tab that engages in the GPS to charge when it is in the mount. I don't want to buy a whole new mount. Is there any source for this little plug piece? Any info is greatly welcome.


Call Garmin

Call Garmin. Explain the problem. They might just surprise you and replace it Free of Charge. They've been known to do that on occasion.

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I've Emailed them already. I'll call them tomorrow if they don't get back to me. It looks like a part that was made to be replaced. I just don't know where to find it, or what it is called.


my mount broke for my old

my mount broke for my old c330 and i called garmin and explained to them what had happened and they sent me a new one with a power cord too at no charge and no questions asked and i got a new one in 2 days....excellent