No more preaching


I’m going to try for a posting where I don’t get beaten down to a pulp.

I like this website
I like my GPS
I think the United States is a good place in which to live
I’‘m in favor of baseball, football, Mom and apple pie
I think world peace would be fine too

OK guys. take your best shot.

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Well, since you are setting

Well, since you are setting yourself up as a human pinata (lol)... let's see:
1. it looks like you lack commitment... like, think, in favor of rather than love, advocate, need.
2. it looks like you want to pick a fight, because if you are in favor of those items, you probably are not in favor of soccer, Dad, and lemon meringue pie
3. it also looks sexist, as you only want comments from people with y chromosomes.....

but I'm sure others can also critique this posting...



World peace? How can there be good, if there wasn't any evil? What are you trying to do? Get rid of all that we already have, for something we can never get?

Have a good one.

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re: No More Preaching

Hey alexanderrg.

I will agree with what you just said.

I'm sorry you feel you were "beaten down to a pulp".

I had some disagreements with your last post, but reasonable people can agree to disagree sometimes.

It's great that you are keeping active on the forums at your age. Keep on going and if at times people disagree, that's their problem.