I'm a newbie to the forum. Looking forward to contributing to and benefiting from the forum.

I just purchased a Garmin nuvi 350 based on good reviews and can't wait to learn how to get the most out of it. I've sucessfully downloaded and installed my first POI file (campgrounds across the USA) and was very excited to see all of campgrounds in the area with distances to each. Probably not too exciting to long time owners, but almost as much fun as getting the Garmin itself to me. Thank you to the individual(s) who put that file together.

And thank you to the people who put this site together. Great stuff!!!


Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site.Lots of good information here from the members.You will find to come in handy when you have a problem.

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Welcome to the site! Be sure to check out the 'Getting Started' and 'FAQ' links at the top of the page if you haven't already.

Welcome! and checkout

Gary Hayman's site at:

Some great information.

Welcome! and Please checkout

Gary Hayman's site at:

Some great information!

We're lovin' our Garmin 260

Ops....just noticed. Sorry for the double post. Guess I hit something when I shouldn't have sad Maybe the admin can remove one of them.


Nice to have you here, Mike.

Welcome to the group!

Thanks for the reminder

FAQs and Getting Started. I'll head there right now.


Welcome kruch001 , Great to have you with us.
This is a cool site.You will find a wealth of info here. grin

Garmin Nuvi, 750

Garmin nuvi,750

Welcome to the group, it is

Welcome to the group, it is really nice to have you joining us.

Miss POI



Love the new photo

Miss POI,

After all the flack you took about the old photo, I like the new updated one much better than the other. Although neither was bad, I am sorry for the pressure you were put under to update but it most certainly is very becoming.

Best wishes.

Newbie 2

I just discovered this site myself, and after downloaded a few POI files that sounded interesting, used them in a recent day trip. It is actually fun and much easier than the instructions make it sound. Can't wait to use more of them on my next vacation.



Welcome to the site, Mike. I know EXACTLY how you feel.



Welcome to the site! I think it's fair to say that some, if not most of us also get a litle giddy everytime we get a new poi and look to see where the locations nearest us are.

Not to mention being in awe of the extent that some of our memebers go to on such large projects.

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Welcome to Kruch001 and Misterdry

Glad to have you with us, you will find this site is very addictive, just read and feel free to ask if you need help. grin

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