Another revenew for Az


Just heard on the news yesterday that Az is going to start enforce the law, that if your license plate has a frame and it covers the state you will get pulled over and sited. It's always been the law but now they are enforcing it.
Kinda funny since we are getting all these speed and redlight cameras. Fines will be over $100.00 and They will start enforcing January 2009.

So all beware in Az mad mad

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Used to be you could tell

Used to be you could tell just by the color scheme what state a license was from, but with all the designer and specialty plates, that is no longer true. I'm thinking that it's become really difficult for a witness to a crime to be able to tell the investigating officer what state the car was from if they can't actually read the state on the plate.

I'm really not surprised at this action, nor am I particularly concerned about it. I wouldn't mind seeing it here in Colorado too. mrgreen

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