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I downloaded redlight and speed cameras and its been working great but,I would like to get some help on how to load icons and sounds on my Nuvi760.
I followed the webb instruction on the POI and when I tested the 760 , I did not have any change except I not only didn,t see the icon or the sound now it won,t alert with the 2 dings that it had before. What did I do wrong .
Thanks Bill question

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When you loaded the icons

When you loaded the icons and sounds, did your loading folder still contain the redlight/speed cameras POI? Any time you do an upload, the old POI load is wiped clean, so you need to keep all the POI files you want in the loading folder every time you upload.



Re-read the "How do I..." click on icons and sounds (at the top of each page here) then scroll to the bottom for the "How do I..."

Excellent tutorial by Motorcycle Mama

Having that done, most common errors are;
file names not named the same, for example:
KFC.csv and KFC.bmp and KFC.mp3
or double extensions ie, KFC.bmp.bmp
all files should be in the same folder, poi loader will load the bmp and mp3 along with the csv (or gpx) file(s)
Poi loader should be used when loading poi files, sounds and bmp's. If a file is copied/dragged/dropped into the gpsr file system, you WILL get unexpected results.

After you have checked everything twice, check a third time and fourth time.

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When you loaded the icon

Yes, I also double checked and even had my wife look to see if there was any differance. And I did followed the instruction provided by poi threads.

Another ? does the poi files have to be in one folder or can you have differant folders this is what I have. I have a file for redlight cameras, 1 for speed cameras and one for QT which loaded by itself doesn't work. The redlight cameras when loaded works but cannot get it to work with new sounds or icon !!

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ramcruser you may have

ramcruser you may have already done a lot of the following process but here is how I do it.

How to make subfolders, download files and develop categories.

1.Go to my documents on your computer and make a folder and name it My poi’s.
2.Click on My poi’s folder. Now right click and make subfolders naming them based on type of files you plan to download. Example: Food, Alerts, Parks, Attractions and etc.
3.Go to POI Factory main page and click on poi files. Scroll down until you see View all poi files ( listed alphabetically) .Click on first file you want to download and save it in one of the subfolder you created. Repeat process until you have downloaded and placed all the csv or gpx files into the correct subfolder.
4.Now if you want to add bmp (icons) or mp3(sounds) files select icons or sounds from the POI Factory main page. The process is the same for both to download. Click on the title and when you see attachment just right click on it and pick save target as. Save it in the correct subfolder you want the mp3 or icon for. Make sure gps has the capability for mp3 before downloading
5.Now go to each subfolder and name the csv , bmp and mp3 file the same name except for the extensions. Most cases all you need to do is type the name and the extensions will take care of themselves. Double check to make sure they are all named exactly the same. This is how it should look.

>My pois=main folder

>>Department stores=subfolder

>>>Cracker Barrel.csv
>>>Cracker Barrel.bmp
>>>Cracker Barrel.mp3

>>>Redlight cameras.csv
>>>Redlight cameras.bmp
>>>Redlight cameras.mp3
>>>Speed cameras.csv
>>>Speed cameras.bmp
>>>Speed cameras.mp3

6.Connect your GPS to your computer using the usb cable.
7.Now run poi loader http://www8.garmin.com/products/poiloader/ .
8.When you see screen find device make sure you select the proper one. If using sd card use the pull down window .The arrow located across from device and selects the sd card.
9.Click next and put mark in Install new custom Poi’s onto your device.
10.Click next. Using Browse make sure to select the folder location for my poi’s not the subfolders. Looking below on same screen you will see selection for either express or manual mode. If you plan to set alerts for your custom poi’s select the manual mode . This will allow you to set alert by speed or distance. Click next.
11.Now you should get message so many points of interest has been installed to your device.
12.Based on model. Touch where to, my locations, extras and touch custom pois last and you will see the ones you downloaded.
13.Each time you run poiloader it will over write the existing files.

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Thank You Thank you sooo much

Thanks Charlie Thats what I needed to know. The instructions from motorcycle mama are good but I don't have enough brain cell to understand most of this stuff, I am a hands on type of guy.
I did finally figure it out and you reply confirms what I did so Thanks a Bunch. grin
Bill ake ramcruzer.

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Good work Charlie, As

Good work Charlie,

As always, nice & clear, just what we all need when are're new in the businness

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