TomTom 930 voice problem


Has anyone else had a problem with voices in their TomTom. I added some music to the SD card in my TomTom, and now I do not hear any of the voices unless I use a computer generated voice. So the prerecorded voices do not work. Any ideas anyone?

Check out this thread

While it's not your exact model, the problem sounds similar. Feel free to look around that site, you never know what you might learn! wink


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I'll look around that site, but that post did not really help. Thanks though.

I had this happen when I

I had this happen when I told tomtom home to install new voices, it installed them on the new card and it no longer looked on the internal memory for the voices. I forgot how I fixed it. But the key was to not do updates when you selected the external memory and only do the downloads and updates on the internal memory. Tomtom home to me is poorly designed on its memory management.

I install music to the external drive, just by cut and paste on the drive that comes up for the unit.

Good luck.

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ok I'll give that a try tonight and see if that fixes my problem