Is there a place on this site that has an example brochure that I can copy? I'm not good with words, but would like to print brochures to post in truck stops about POI Factory. Specifically pointing to my files, but also letting drivers know about the whole site. I do know how to make the brochure using MS Word, but it's the wording I need help with.

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EagleOne wrote:

Is there a place on this site that has an example brochure that I can copy?

How about this: Post a few sentences HERE with the general idea you want to convey and I'll bet you will get TONS of suggestions for how to improve it........if you just ask. mrgreen

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How about the 'getting started' link?

Is this info copied from the "getting started" link along the lines you wanted?

Getting started

What is a POI file?
POI files contain coordinates and descriptions for a set of locations (which are commonly referred to as "POI" or "Points of Interest"). Many newer GPS models are able to use this data to show what's nearby or even give an alert as you get close to a location (such as a red light enforcement camera).

How do I download a POI file?
To download, you'll need a user account (which also enables you to post in the discussion forums). User accounts are free.

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Browse POI files
How do I load POI files into my GPS?
The process varies by GPS brand/model. Newer Garmin models use software called POI Loader to transfer locations to your GPS. Information for Garmin and other models is available from the related links shown below.

Please check FAQs before posting questions in the discussion forums.

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