GPS innovation (camera video w/ nav overlay)


a new era of GPS is about to be introduced in September by Blaupunkt

amazing stuff - we probably will not see that in the usa ;>(

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All I can say is.... Wow!

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It Seems To Be A Trend

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That's a jaw dropper.

Yes, please sign me up!

I wonder if they could develop the iPhone into something similar?

Neat but could be confusing

The live view with the superimposed arrows is neat but I wonder if it would be less useful than a traditional map display. The demo video shows how distracting a live view would be. Live video adds cars, trees, people, billboards, plus lighting problems when driving into the sun. All of these would diminish the ability to quickly distinguish the instructions from the screen.

Less is more when trying to quickly read a gauge or display.

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The whole concept is distracting. They should just stick to making radios.