What is the BEST GPS for traffic (DASH EXPRESS IS TERRIBLE!!!)



I live in the Los Angeles area, and purchased a Dash Express to help alleviate my traffic pains. Unfortunately, the Dash Express fails on every level. The routing is horrible-- it refuses to take surface streets into account-- and the traffic data is absolutely atrocious. Simply put, it touts real-time traffic, but never delivers on that promise.

I drive up the 405 N (the busiest freeway in America) on a daily basis, and the Dash Express traffic is, with very little exception, inaccurate or just plain missing. When traffic data doesn't show up on certain strips of the 405, Dash claims that the sensor data and user data are conflicting, leading to the omission of data for that strip of freeway.

The other day, I looked at traffic.com, and it told me there was a 2 hour delay on the 405 N (4 lanes closed due to an accident). The Dash told me the traffic conditions were good, except in the areas where it had no data (in which case, I just surmised they were good). I trusted the Dash, and much to my chagrin, landed myself in a 2 hour jam.

Can anyone recommend a GPS with ACCURATE integrated traffic? Something that will help me negotiate through traffic jams, rather than direct me into them. I've heard that the Garmin's use either TMC, MSN, Or MSN 2 traffic. Can anyone attest to the accuracy of these traffic sources in the LA area?