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Hi All,

I wanted to know how websites visited can be tracked?

If i visit website from home which is same like visiting websites in net cafe and the same laptop is used in office, then can it be tracked ?

Not sure what this has to do

Not sure what this has to do with GPSrs? This is a POI GPS forum.

Anyway ISPs can track your ip address if needed. The government requires this. Also cookies can be used by web browsers.


So in the case you mentioned cookies could be used to track if the same browser was used.

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All depends on what kind of tracking you are talking about. A website can track you with cookies, your preference and etc. But this require the user to register. Otherwise all they know is a whole bunch of "john does" visited this part of the site.
Another example is, let say you posted something illegal in a forum. The authorities can go to the hosting site and get the access log which will show them the ip address of the incoming computer. With that they can get the ISP information and track down the user. If you are in a net cafe, then they won't be able to track you down personally. Unless you provided personal info to the cafe for an account.

Work Computer

Are you using your employer provided laptop at home for personal use? And want to know if your employer can see what sites you have visited?

If so, the answer is yes, they can get that information from the computer files. Even clearing your internet history does not completely remove your history. So don't visit inappropriate sites using employer computers!!


thetick wrote:

Not sure what this has to do with GPSrs? This is a POI GPS forum.

A good security forum is here:

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thetick wrote:

Not sure what this has to do with GPSrs? This is a POI GPS forum.

Thought THIS forum was Open Talk... meaning that it's pretty much... well open talk IE: "introductions and other misc. topics"

But anyhow... The way my mind wraps around it is that if your using a company computer they probably CAN track it down to when you visited what site, and to determine if it was on your time or their's, but you know your boss better then I do. Will he/she care or even go through that much effort. The computer would be company property and they may have an issue with you using it for personal interest. Plus, just what are you looking at, Looking for a new job?, trying to contact someone at a rival business?, trying to buy a 9 year old foreign mail order wife? I can see a boss having problems in those cases.

So the long and short of it, don't use company property for something that you don't want the boss to know.

Just my thoughts hope it helps.

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