TomTom 720 GO - Power Button



I recently converted from a Garmin 200w to a TomTom 720 GO for Tom Tom's functionality.

I'm finding I'm having issue with the power button. How long does one need to hold it down for the unit to turn on?

At first it would turn on after I held it for two seconds. Then it would intermittenly work and not work. Now if I hold down the power button for about 6 seconds (one mississippi, two mississippi...) it will turn on.

My unit is refurbed so I'm wondering is this normal or do I have an issue?



I have a 930 and I usualy only have to hold it down for less than 5 sec.

Start Up Time

I also have a 930 and it depends on whether it is a reboot or coming out of sleep mode. The reboot (on the 930 anyway) is when you see the screen go black with TomTom displayed and hear a bongo riff. That usually takes about 3 - 5 seconds. The sleep mode screen looks like a busy street, that usually takes about seconds.

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depends on firmware/aaplication version

My 720 took about 3-4 seconds with the original (7.x) firmware. After I upgraded to the 8.010 firmware it now takes 1 or at most 2 seconds.

I haven't got the hang of

I haven't got the hang of the power on off yet myself, I wish I could get a different screen telling me if its shutting down or going into standby. Maybe if I turn off the anti theft reminder.

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Have you checked the forum?

Try the TomTom forum page: for more info on TomTom GPSr's, i.e., problems, solutions and troubleshooting. wink


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