AZ Mobile Speed Cameras


I just read on AZCentral that DPS has pulled their 2 mobile van camera units. Apparently, there are two companies that the State buys the cameras/radar units from and the one that didn't get the bid complained about the other radar units not being certified by the FCC. So, the State has pulled the units from use until it is sorted out. If anyone wants to read the article, clink on this link:

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That is just outrageous.

Not only is the state installing mobile speedtraps, but they are operated by a private company who shares in the revenues creating an inherent conflict of interest. Now we find out we are being irradiated by non approved RF emitting radar.

.... both sides

Both companies have skeletons in the closets for unethical behavior.
.... and they contract with DPS (who is responsible for background checks for the state, including teachers, insurance agents, realtors... concealed weapon permits). ....ahhh the brain trusts of government agencies