Greyhound Race Tracks

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Last updated 08/12/2008

Raw file: Greyhound Tracks.csv (4.03 KB)

Includes 34 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: AL, AZ, CT, FL, KS, MA, NH, RI, TX, WI, WV
  • some may be in: AR, IA, IL, MS, NE, OH, PA, TN, VT (near a border)

This file contains the 34 remaining Greyhound racing tracks in the U.S.

Over the past few years, these tracks have closed due to competition with lotteries, poker and other forms of online gambling.

Greyhounds are bred to do nothing but race. In the past, dogs that never raced (or whose careers were over) met up with a shotgun blast or a trainer's needle. I am sure that some are still subjected to that treatment.

Thankfully, there are many greyhound adoption groups that foster these dogs and work to seek permanent homes.

I adopted a 2nd greyhound (my avatar) after visiting a race track in Florida. Some tracks have adoption facilities on-site...and some have links on their websites to adoption groups.

If you have a chance to go, visit the dogs in the paddock area before each race... they are beautiful animals and make 'greyt' pets.