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We live in our rv and I have been trying to find rv friendly mapping and poi's. We have a nuvi 750 and although it works great and all the poi's I have found on here are unbelievable, but I would still like to find something specific for 40' rv's. Garmin does not offer anything specific and the trucking mapping doesn't work because most of them route you through the city streets and we don't usually do that. I have noticed alot of peeps on here are rv'ers, so guess I just wanted to start some discussion about this.

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Check out Campgrounds,

Check out Campgrounds, Outdoors, Attractions (scenic routes), State Parks, and National Parks listed under POI Files...I believe they have listings that include RV specific sites as well as regular sites.

Lots of Useful POIs.

There are a lot of RVers here; but considering the large number of members, I believe we're still in the minority. Everyone has their own preference as far as useful POIs. 'The King' listed some good ones for RVers; and then there's Walmart, Flying J, Rest Areas, school zones (we have to watch out for our children), Cummins, Low Clearance, Weather Radio Stations, Zip Codes, and others. If you're a Good Sam member, send me an email and I'll get you the 'Standby Sam' POI file I created.


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I am using a Garmin 7200 set on truck. I use a truckers road atlas as a back up. I have not had a problem with the Garmin routing me through any city. There are a lot of useful files here you just need to check your routing.


If you want something specific for 40' or more, it would be hard to find anywhere. I'm 35' plus the truck and I've never had a problem with any Good Sam, KOA, Coast to Coast, Escapees park sites. Always a good idea to call, though. Passport America is usually OK, but call. It's the government operated campgrounds that often have small sites, so be careful with them. All those POI's can be found here. And a low clearance POI, also.

As far as routing, just choose "fastest" rather than "shortest" and you'll avoid a lot of busy city streets. Always review the course before following the route blindly, though.

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good sam poi file

I am a rookie at all of this - I will be getting my gps this week and am wondering if the Garmin will have all the RV parks that are listed in Trailer Life directory - any assistance would be appreciated

Probably not

ljelinger wrote:

I am a rookie at all of this - I will be getting my gps this week and am wondering if the Garmin will have all the RV parks that are listed in Trailer Life directory - any assistance would be appreciated

The POI that come installed are typically a year or more out of date, and may be incomplete to varying degrees.

Look at:



These are a good place to start and these get updated by us regularly.

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RV poi's

Make sure and get the Costco and Sam Club Gas POI's. Sure come in handy these days.
I also use the Elks Lodges for on the road camping.
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We are regular rv'ers too. I

We are regular rv'ers too. I sent an email to Good Sam Club/Trailer Life asking them to consider putting their Trailer Life Directory, now on DVD, or CD, onto a POI file that could be downloaded onto a GPSr. Also mentioned that it might fit on a SD or Micro SD card to be used by Garmin devices.


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Jon, it already is--It is

Jon, it already is--It is called Trailer Life Campground Navigator on 2 CD's. I have used it for the last few years. It's great for locating the RV Parks in the TL Directory. I like using Streets & Trips for GPS navigating much better though.

You can buy TLCN at www.RVBookstore.com

AND I want a poi, or a list, or a link of RV friendly gas stations. If you have one--please email me at r194ondi at yahoo.com. We have a gasser and we stopped at a Flying J on I80 in WY a month ago and it was car lanes only. You don't know these things until you are ready to pull into them. We need to know which stations have the pump lanes parallel to the road NOT 90 degrees to the road.



Will you POIs work with the new TLD Campground Navigator? If so, I would appreciate a copy. Thanks.

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Looking for a list of Military RV sites, first time user on the POI site. Thanks

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FYI is Standby Sam. Neophyte to this poi stuff. Any help would be just that, thanks. Retired in Texas


Solved the same problem

I also have a Nuvi 700 series and had the same problem. I'm in a 24' MH.
The Garmin Dezl 760 solved my problem. There's a truck and RV version. I got the truck version and it had everything I needed for the MH. You can set height, weight and length It also solved a couple of problems that I had with the 760 in the "via" point area. There is also an auto setting too