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Last updated 08/13/2008

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Offbeat Roadside Attractions, Canadian Edition

Bobkz did an amazing amount of work compiling a list of roadside attraction throughout the US, ( It was a great idea and I'd like to thank him for that.

I put together a similar, but much more modest, list of attractions across Canada... from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island.

Planning a road trip in Canada? Here are some sights to break up the monotony along the way.
This file points out the location of;
The World's Largest Hockey Stick,
The World's Largest Apple,
The World's Largest Lobster,
Giant Cowboys, Bears, Turtles, and Coffee Pots
There are UFOs, Snowmen and other bizarre sights too.
It's all in here!
Mind you, there's a lot more kookiness out there so grab this for a start, update it to list kooky roadside sites in your area or others you know about and have FUN on your drive.


Updated July 21, 2008 with another half dozen.

Updated July 22, 2008: Thanks to Dhamish for sending me several more additions and a correction.

Updated August 12, 2008 : Thanks to "CGY Guy" for the World's Largest Aluminum Baseball Bat in Alberta. Plus a couple more.

exclaim Updated August 13, 2008 : Several more additions.

arrow If you have an unusual attraction please send the info and coords to me for the next update.

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