Locate exact longtitude / latitude using a map

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Thanks for the Site it works good I like it

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Should also try maps.live.com


What I like about this site is that you can drag the pushpin around to fine-tune the location. And then you can select Send to GPS when you're done.

Birds Eye View

On Microsoft Live Search the other day I looked at Bird's Eye View of several locations and had a resolution of about 3 inches. Now when I try it for the same places, the Bird's Eye View is not available. Does anyone know if this is only available sometimes or what? When it was working I could see the glass pane separators in my house from an angle of about 60 degrees on all sides. It was really fantastic.

You may want to search through this site...

marnoldi wrote:

this is my favirite site

for messages like:


I have posted this, but you can find other postings, if you like coordinates.

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