Astoria NYC - Greek Places

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Last updated 07/20/2008

Raw file: Astoria NY - Greek Places.gpx (19.1 KB)

These are some of the Greek Restaurants and Stores that we like to visit in Astoria when we miss Greek food. I Googled the names of the places to get to their address. In a couple of cases the places didn't have a web site but since I know their location, the address and map location were correct. I used Google Maps to transfer the locations to my GPS, then used GeePeeEx Editor to save only the Astoria locations as a Custom POI.

Newly update file as of July 20, 2008 with additional Greek places to visit in Astoria. The updated file includes additional locations (Greek-Cypriot) restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, etc. Wherever possible I have tried to include addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers.

Any additional suggestions for places that I might have left out, please e-mail me.

Miss POI has been kind enough to also cross list it under the NYC Project.

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