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The bluetooth on my nuvi 360 quit working. I was impatient to get it fixed. I left a message with Garmin Support on Monday AM. When I got home from work there was no response so I called, 35 minutes later Amanda L. was on the phone with me and Quickly sent me a updated bluetooth software version via e-mail, and patiently talked me through the steps. Works great!
This is the Second time I have had to call customer support. The first time was because I hadn't read the instructions when I received my free map upgrade. Both times the service rep was friendly and got my garmin up and running quickly. Also I have a tricky e-mail address and I am impressed by the fact when I ask them to verify it they use proper international phonetics.(OK I have just identified myself as a extra geeky ham.)

Will nuvi 265W, Vista HCX, amateur radio

Great customer service is a

Great customer service is a wonderful thing!

nowadays it is how to come by.

Love hearing about the ones that pride them selves with GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Garmin Support

I own a Garmin 105, 205 and a Garmin 255W. Garmin's tech support is hands down the best. All users should make this a consideration when shopping for a GPS.

Garmin 205

Have read many posts by users who claim their Garmin 205 unit died. I suspect that many are simply unaware of the propoer reset feature. The unit MUST be plugged into the charging cradle to perform this.
1--Press & hold RESET & MODE buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds and release.
2--Press & release the POWER button to power on the unit (while it is still in the cradle).
3-- Sometimes when you power on the unit in step 2, your display says "Battery charging in progress". If that is the case, press the POWER button a second time to fully turn on the unit.
4-- Charge the unit in the charging cradle as needed & remove when ready.