Bug with Garmin and Traffic


I've noticed a bug with my Garmin 660 when I get a Traffic Alert - I'm then unable to view the "Turn-by-Turn" screens. All it does (if I push the "Turn in..." button) is bring-up the Traffic info. If the Traffic Alert then goes away, the screen just flashes and goes back to the Map View immediately.

I mailed Garmin a bug report but kind of thought I got a blow-off. Is anyone else having this problem? Any feel for how responsive Garmin is about getting fixes for obvious (even if non-persistent) bugs?

Touch screen sensor bug

I had called Garmin about an issue with the touch sensors in the lower-right portion of my nuvi 680. I had the same problem, if there was a traffic or weather alert, it was very difficult to click the next turn button (lower-right corner).

If I made sure to only touch within 1mm or so of the edge of the screen, it would bring up the correct screen. However, if I pressed anywhere else in the next-turn button, it would act as if I had clicked on the weather or traffic alert.

When confronted with this behavior, Garmin told me that they are aware of a problem on the unit stemming from the fact that some of the touch sensors are too close together and it can't correctly identify which button you're pressing.

They said that it would be corrected in a future firmware release. That was about 3 months ago.

I wouldn't hold my breath...