Map update 2009 for MAC


I ordered the 2009 update and mistakenly checked the MAC version. I reordered the correct windows version. I will sell the MAC version for $45.00 shipped to your address. email me at

Mac and PC are on one disk

If you are talking about the Map Update DVD 2009 for City Navigator North America NT, there is no problem. The disk contains the Mac and Vista/XP/Windows 2000 installation software.

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Your right, my bad, I just

Your right, my bad, I just read the packaging. I tried to load it twice and I got a non recoverable error both times. Guess I'll have to call Garmin.

Installation Problems with 2009 Map

I returned a defective 660 in April and got a new one (the old one took 15 minutes each time to connect to the satellites - I would be at my destination by then).. The new one did not have the new maps. I was not about to spend $60 on top of everything else I had been through.

I called Garmin and they graciously unlocked a web download for me. When I tried to install it the update installer kept going in circles - saying it was downloading "updates" for the Updater.(?). Anyway after the 17th "download" of updates I tried to quit and all of sudden it went into the install mode for the 2009 Maps, where it asked for my unlock code (which I had). So far it seems to have worked. Strange, this software stuff.

Also be aware that the PDF instructions they post for updating the maps is for Windows only. Also I think the Garmin website is buggy and some of their software is also buggy. The POI updater kept quitting when I would hit continue. I finally restarted and now it works.

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