How Do I add a POI for a Speed Trap


I pass a few speed traps in my daily travels. How do i update or make sure a POI is listed for these Spots?

Start a new POI file maybe?

Most of the Speed Trap POIs on this site tend to be local or specific to a location (a highway, a city, a state, etc.). So first thing you might do is search the alphabetical list of POIs on this site...

for the word "Speed" or "Speed Trap" and see what already exists. If any of them overlap the area where the ones you have, then first, download and install them and see the ones you have are already covered. If they are not, the contact the POI author and submit yours as new additions.

If however, your list of speed traps are not already covered by an area of the ones already listed, then maybe you can start a new POI file of speed traps for your location and submit it to the site.

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Start a new POI file maybe?

How would the lat/lon coordinates be determined for a speed trap location if the spot in question did not have an actual address or was not located at an intersection?

Your unit should be able to

Your unit should be able to give you the coordinates by touching the vehicle icon on your gps screen at that location.Another method is using Google Maps and zoom in on the area and set the pin to get your coordinates.

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