DHL Dropbox Locations


I've searched for this posting but came up empty. Does anyone know if a POI exist for DHL dropbox locations? Thanks!



Not that I know of...

...but do you really need to know where DHL drop boxes are everywhere, other than in your own home town, or whatever towns you travel to for business? Know those few locations and forego the rigmarole of thousands of extraneous locations. That's my 2 cents. I'm a DHL user and that's what I do at least.


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DHL Web Site

The DHL site has a locator that is driven by address or telephone number.

If you enter DHL, (zip code) into Google maps, it will show all of the drop centers for that zip code.

A POI file could be built for that information that you might gather for the areas in which you frequently need to find locations. That file would then direct you to the nearest one when downloaded to your GPS.


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