Friendly reminder not to repost Files form other sites (including ours)


I just want to send out a friendly reminder to not post files that you find on other points of interest sites. Here is our FAQ regarding this topic

It takes time and energy to build these POI Files and I do not want POI Factory to get a reputation of not respecting the work of others in the GPS community.

We have a friendly community here at POI Factory, and we are also part of the larger GPS community. I have worked hard to build trust and friendships with other site moderators, and it is important to me that we continue to nurture those relationships.

This also applies the other way. Please do not repost files that have been built by other members of the POI Factory Community. It puts me in an uncomfortable position to have to go to one of my friends out there in the community to ask that a file be removed from their site.

Lets continue to show respect to others and be a good example of a great online community.


Miss POI