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Last updated 12/25/2013

Raw file: STL Parks.csv (74.78 KB)

Includes 819 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: IL, MO

1 unusable record(s)

12/25/13 - Added 2 new parks in the St. Louis Metro area, and changed 3 others. As always, notify me of any errors, omissions or glitches.

3/29/2012 - Discovered an error in line 1758. Corrected.

3/28/2012 - Thanks to Owen Curtis, added 10 new Kirkwood, MO (A suburb of St. Louis), Parks.

11/4/11 - Added 2 more Parks, Randall D. Dalton Veteran's Park & Spring Bend Park

7/7/2011 - Added 11 new parks that were missed on the initial go-around.

6/1/2011 - Added 2 new parks in Cottleville

Added another 210 parks in the St. Louis Metro area, bringing the total up to 750. My St. Louis Metro area is probably bigger than your St. Louis Metro area. If you see duplicates, it is because some parks go by two different names. (VIGO Park/BERRA Park on the Hill in St. Louis) Also where two parks are right next to each other, they may share a common entrance. As always, notify me of any errors, omissions or glitches.
8/12/08 - Added Hummert Park in Maplewood. It is named for a Maplewood Fire fighter who was killed in an ambush, fighting a car fire. It is the old Junior High Park, so I have both names in there.
Added 5 more parks on 12-04-08

1/25/09 - Fixed an error in Line 780, Harry Truman Park

7/30/09 - Added Windjammer Point in Lake St. Louis

8/9/09 - Added Greg Freeman Park - named after the late Post-Dispatch columnist Gregory Freeman. Previous name was
Four Corners Park, at Kingsbury at Des Peres. Both names are now in the file.

10/24/09 - Added another 21 parks. Count is 783. Going for 800.

12/05/09 - Corrected Rotary Park, Wentzville coordinates

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