Mac ov2 conversion


Firstly, happy Mother's Day to all that qualify.

Secondly, I have a Marble Slab fanatic friend who is a bit computer illiterate. I was unable to find a file here, but found one on a TomTom site. Naturally it was in ".ov2" format.

Is there a Mac program that will open it so I am able to make it a ".csv" file? When I right-click the file the only program in the list is Route Buddy.

Thanks for any information.

Have a nice weekend. H.


ov2 conversion found

It seems no one has any information on this. All POI files do not come in just "csv" format. The ability to change format should be something that can be done.

I did some web searching and found a place that will do it as you wait, as it does it on line, and puts the changed file into the Downloads folder.

The place is:

Use it if you need it. H.