In your opinion what is the top/best GPS unit?


I have a c530 and would like to know what unit in your opinion is the overall bang for your buck? Before I get those individuals who say well it depends if you travel or if your using it for business purposes etc. My question more specifically is what would be the best unit for both personal use (vacation, pleasure) or even for business purposes? The reason I'm asking is that I see many users on this site with multiple gps units that are for the most for the same type of use...personal/business etc.


According to Consumers Reports:

Best is nuvi 7xx
Best Value is nuvi 3xx

My opinion, if you don't need Canada or TTS, is nuvi 205 or 205W.

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I personally agree that the NUVI 7XX series is the best overall GPS. My personal opinion is if you are going to spend X dollars spend a little more for the one you really want. You get what you pay for.

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Nuvi 660

My personal opinion is Nuvi 660.


So, one general consensus I feel is definitely the Nuvi Series units.....anybody elses opinions..

What about TomTom

I am a definite noobie with a GPS but except for the complete pain I have had to update maps, I do like the TomTom x20 series.

Best Value

I agree with dminz. I read a lot of reviews before I bought my 350 and it appeared to be the best out there for the price. I think the 7xx series has a lot more features but costs a good bit more also.


My opinion Nuvi 350.......... grin

Earl-Nuvi 350

Best is Garmin Nuvi

I looked at a lot of reviews about GPS in general..
Here's my opinion...

Garmin is the leader in the GPS..
While Tom Tom and others may catch up to where Garmin is... and while others may come up with a single feature or something that one would like to have... overall, Garmin still wins.
And Garmin will still move ahead...

Simply because of the research that Garmin puts into it.

TomTom GO 920T

If I was on the market for one today, I'd buy a TomTom GO 920T

I agree for the most part with the comparison on Popular Mechanics' June 2008 issue:

Plus it runs on Linux wink


Best GPS

Hi, everyone,

My only experience with automotive type GPS units is the Garmin Nuvi 660. I did do a lot of research trying to find the "best" unit out there, and at that moment, the 660 had very good reviews.

Just my 2 cents worth.


NUVI 360

@ $250 smile

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For auto/general purpose, nuvi 7xx.

For hiking/geocaching, eTrex Vista HCx (or if money is no object, Colorado).

For motorcycle use, Zumo 550.

Best value (but getting closer to EOL), nuvi 350.


Nice, keep it coming with your opinions. Very informative.

Go for a Nuvi 780 has it for $ 498 delivered. Cool.

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I vote for the Nuvi 7xx series. Being able to program up to 10 waypoints along a route is a nice feature.

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Sinse... first was a Nuvi 360, I love it! I do however realize the there are, and have been many, many improvements since I plunked 375.00 for mine, a year. I find it's size very important to me. Enjoy it!

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Isn't the Top/Best GPS Unit the One You Have?

I know that may not be true, but heck, I have a Magellan 2200T that I have updated maps for. It can do topo and marine maps if I want them, and I just found out that I can download an outdoor map of Disneyland if I need it (purchase, of course). smile

Garmins are solid units, and I will admit to seeing the display on one of the new Navigon units and saying "Ooh!", but I don't have reason to go buy a new one.

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Nuvi 200W

Works the best for me, a lot of lake roads and small towns don't have street signs posted or you can't see them at night. My 200W take me there turn by turn with no problem. thats why i have US Rec. Lakes on SD card grin grin

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I like the Nuvi 360 and 660, which are seemingly identical except the 660 has a larger screen.

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Nuvi 360..

all the way. For the features that you get for so little money the nuvi 360 seems hard to beat. I paid $253, which included shipping, from I live in N.C. and have used it for trips to Alabama, Ohio, Michigan and countless towns in between and have not had one bad experience with it. I have owned TOMTOM too and was quite disappointed several times on one trip to Gatlinburg, TN...I took it back quickly. GO NUVI!

best gps

I love my Nuvi 750..all former minor glitches have been fixed with the factory updates..

best bang

The Nuvi 660 Fits all my needs and then some, with wide screen Bluetooth, Picture viewer ( I am a photographer, and like to see my work on the bigger screen when I dont have a lap top.) It is fast and other than route capability perfect,,and Since I got mine for under $300 with free shipping...that is a great deal of GPS for the money

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I have three units

I have the Garmin etrex vista, (ATV, Hunting, Fishing...ect) 350 for wife & kids, 750 I use for work & pleasure. The 350 was my first unit for work & pleasure, I loved it, works great and great value. The 750 was an up grade for work because of the auto routing, Love this unit more than the 350 cause of the added features as well as the larger screen (getting I still use my Vista for off road and Geo cache. There's my nickel's worth (inflation...LOL)

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I had the c530, here is what

I had the c530, here is what I thought was better between that and my nuvi 350

screen antiglare = c530 (by far)
sound quality and loudness = c530
size = nuvi
features = nuvi

Got the nuvi for the features and the ability to be able to take it with me when i am out of the car with ease.

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I Like the C580 when the MSN

I Like the C580 when the MSN direct features work they REALLY work
but the rerioouting and spoken street names is the real kicker
Garmin seems to be teh choice amongst road ralliers so I say go withthe experts

nuvi 760

My vote is for the Garmin nuvi 760. If I didn't state that, I'd have a mean case of buyer's remorse smile


Lots of info to work with. I think as far as map donwloading issues...not to much with the streetpilots...but I've been hearing a lot of issues with the '07 and newer models.

Nuvi 750

My 750 is much better than my c530. Esp. that I got for $299!

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I love my 76CSx. I've used it for geocaching, auto routing, finding POIs, etc. It did everything I needed until my job changed. Instead of a 5 minute commute I now have a 60 minute commute. Instead of supporting 14 offices I now support 24 offices covering the northern third of California. That's a lot of territory.

I got the nüvi for the mp3 player and the bluetooth. Of course, I like having the new toy and the text to speech rocks as well as the touch screen. The point is though that, if I hadn't been looking for an mp3 player for books and such while driving, I would simply have stuck with the trusty 76CSx. I've really enjoyed listening to books while commuting and the hands free bluetooth in the nüvi sure beats wearing an earpiece.

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Motorcycle Mama wrote:

For auto/general purpose, nuvi 7xx.

For hiking/geocaching, eTrex Vista HCx (or if money is no object, Colorado).

For motorcycle use, Zumo 550.

Best value (but getting closer to EOL), nuvi 350.

I have both Nüvi 350 and 750, and they are both great. But my vote is for 350 for all-around value.

I already have a hands-free unit built into my car stereo that pairs with my Bluetooth cell phone, so I don't need the extra feature the 360 or 760 offers.

So bottom line, allbizz. What do you need?

nüvi 750 & 760

Depends on what you want. Do

Depends on what you want. Do you want all the bells or just a map that talks?

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Garmin C550

The Garmin C550 with 2009 Maps gives you the most bang for your bucks. Costco has it online for $199 with the bean bag mount included.


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Nuvi 350 gets my vote

I bought the Nuvi 350 for $1000 + tax from Circuit City 4 christmas' ago (paid $150 for the extended warranty too). Never regretted it ... Still going strong.


We have used our Zumo 550 in both car and motorcycle many miles and a few years both USA and Europe.
It has functioned without flaw.
Don't leave home without it.