2009 Navigator NT disables garmin lock???


I read that if you apply the Navigator 2009 maps, your Garmin lock feature will not work anymore.

Can someone confirm or tell us this is not true?


Not for me

The update only updates the maps. It does not mess with the firmware or software that's different from the mapset. All the settings remain the same. Only difference there is that the Map Info will disply it has 2009 maps and below it lists every state in the US or Canada if you selected them.


I've got a nuvi 650 and

I've got a nuvi 650 and downloaded NA 2009 maps a few days ago and my lock works fine. Got a firmware update as well and no problems there. Took about 1/2 hour to update the maps.

Hope that helps,


NUVI750 here and no problems with the update...went very smoothly..

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No Lockup

Nuvi 780 and have no problems with the update.


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no lockup

I have a nuvi 650 no probs with the new maps


No Problems

I updated my Nuvi750 last Thursday and have no issues with my lock capability. It works fine. smile

Nuvi 760 - No problem for me

Upgrade went with out a hitch here.
Approx 1hr 15min
Lock stayed as it was set.

All appears to be as it should.

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Who uses the lock?

Who uses the lock?



I do.

See this topic for an in-depth discussion of the Garmin Lock - to use or not to use, that is the question! confused


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No problem

I updated my Nuvi 350 with CN NT 2009 and the Garmin lock code stills works as it always did.

CN NT 2009 update...Nuvi 250w, Mapsource 6.13.7

All went smooth for me too, firmware and the mapping. It even kept my favorites, POI files, and Topo maps that were previously uploaded all intact. The Garmin Lock doesnt seem broken to me either.