TMC Traffic vs. MSN Direct


For those of us using traffic, and are wondering if one edges the other out in one way or another I give you this must read post from Steve S.

I can confidently say that there appears to be little or no difference between the traffic information content on TMC and that on MSN. However, there are some display differences that might make one think that the two information streams are different.

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I agree with Bob. I have a

I agree with Bob. I have a Garmin 760 which came with TMC Traffic for 3 months, then I purchased the MSN Direct. I don't see that much of a difference, but I do like the MSN and the displays.

Here are some more sites comparing the 2. I don't use the MSN for traffic since I am fortunate to work in an area close to my house. However, the times I have used it, it has been good. I always keep my radio on, as well. I like the MSN for the other features.

With the Garmin 600 series, you are only able to get 4 icons (Traffic, Weather,Movies, Gas). With the 700 and 800 series, you are able to receive 4 exta icons for info (News Stocks Local Events and Web Favorites). I like the Web Favorites as it allows you to send maps from you computer to your GPSr from

With the 750 and 760, you will only receive MSN version 1, but you can go to Garmin's Webupdater and download the software for Version 2 for free. So, it you have a 760 and download the MSN v2, you essentially have the 780.

Hope these help.

MSN is my choice

my choice because of all the extras - weather, gas prices, local events, stock prices......

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I agree with you.

I agree with you.