Did somebody tried this POI. It looks like if I download it and convert it to a GPX and load it to google earth. Most of the waypoint puts me on a residential area.

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

I used the gpxtoPOI program.


Yeah, the coordinates all look like they are way off. I converted it to a GPX with POI Edit and opened it in MapSource and in Google Earth. And I looked at the CSV in Notepad. The coordinates in the file don't match the actual locations.

Good I thought I'm doing

Good I thought I'm doing something wrong since I I started converting csv to gpx.

I have sent a link to this

I have sent a link to this thread over to the author of the file so that he can take a look and see if there are repairs that he needs to make.

Can you tell us which locations are off?

Miss POI


Well, they all appear to be off. The Grand Canyon location is close to the actual (although the location is 3.3 miles SE of the actual), but all the others are way off. The Hoover Dam location is 16 miles east of the actual location.

The Fremont Street location is shown next to an interstate off ramp at I-515 and 593. (5.7 miles SSE from the actual location.)

I am taking that file out of

I am taking that file out of circulation until it is repaired, thanks for the clarification MM.

Miss POI