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Good Day, All.

Please assist a returning GPS user.

I have not used a GPS in several years, but have a new need. I am an isurance agent and wish to keep good tabs on my 200 clients within a 50 mile radius.

looking for advice on what is the best GPS for me, while on the road, to be able to quickly ( and Graphically ? ) see what clients are in the area.

My concern is that I'll buy a GPS that mixes my catagory in with all the gas stations and Ill have very little chance of finding those I am looking for.

any thoughts or ideas on my best route. (pardon the pun)

Thanks, Dave

Yes, Make a Custom File

If you create a csv or gpx file and load it with something like "My Clients" it will list which client is closest to you where ever you are (Shown by name in a text field). You will not be able to view the closest 50 on the GPS map though since you need to be zoomed in pretty close to display the icons of what is around you.

The file you could create would just be: name, address, phone number etc..You could probably just download a csv or gpx file as a guide then rename all the fields to what info you would need. You might want to look into the blue tooth options which may be more of what you are looking for.

This is definitely a good place

This is definitely a good place to use a Custom POI file. Load it up, then open Where To - Extras - Custom POI when you want to find a customer near you, and they will be displayed in order of proximity. Keep in mind that it will be radial (as the crow flies), not by road, because the unit can only calculate driving distance when a route has been planned. Once you select the POI and hit "Go" to create the route, then it will give the ETA (which is surprisingly accurate in most cases).

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Dude: You ROCK! Thanks.



Thanks. Now the second layer to my thread.

I am not sure which model or brand to buy

Do I get a new garmin or magellin,

I know the quality of a garmin, but have not done a new one in quite a while.


Thanks ! what brand would

Thanks !

what brand would you go with ( limited to a 300 or less budget ) for this applicaiton.

I have not bought one in a while and my old Garmin III will no longer interface with a PC..

... Yes, Make a Custom File.

PaulATL wrote:

... You might want to look into the blue tooth options which may be more of what you are looking for.

Paul... you are right as I have a blackberry. would it be able to read the address from that?

for the new ones as we add them ??

Do I get a new garmin or magellin

From my experience I would get a garmin over a magellin. I have both and the garmin to me is more user friendly than the megellin. Only my thoughts.

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