Hawaii POI's


If someone will give me a detailed, I mean detailed, description of how to make POI's and how to get them all into one .cvs file, I will begin making one for everyone.


See the

See the FAQs

If you have a specific question please ask it. We'll need more information to answer such a vague question.

To start we need to know what type of GPS you have. Do you already have the POIs in your favorites or do you just have a list of addresses?

eTrex Touch 35, Nuvi 1350LMT, Nuvi 350, Nuvi 260, Garmin GPS III, Basecamp


have a Nuvi 360
Havae a list of addresses/coordinates



Welcome to the site.

Be sure to click on the getting started and faqs sections linked at the top of each page.

Click the link that thetick has posted for the faq page for making POI files.

Check out this page to see the proper format for the POI files.


Here's the faq page for obtaining the coordinates of an address.


The best thing to do is to download a file and take a look at what one looks like.
You can open the CSV files in either Notepad or Microsoft Excel.

Here's a link to helpful software.


Let me know if you want some

Let me know if you want some names of places to put into your POI.


I do, I do