Download maps from Mapquest to NUVI 350


I set up a route on Mapquest and d/l it to my Nuvi 350 and got a successful d/l message but when I run the route on the Nuvi, it is the regular route that Nuvi would show and not the one that I set up.

Anyone else had this problem? I e-mailed Mapquest about this but have not heard back from them. Thanks

Nuvi 350 does not do routes

The Nuvi 350 does not accept or use Routes. What you downloaded was a collection of Favorites. Only the Nuvi 7xx series handle downloadable routes, I believe.

That is correct, on the 350,

That is correct, on the 350, it downloads it as favorites. Routes can only be downloaded to 7xx and higher.

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Mapquest on Nuvi 350

Maybe I explained it incorrectly. The file appears in my favorites file but it is not the same file that appears on the Mapquest page. I just put in FROM and TO, avoid toll roads, etc. After I open in favorites, the directions are just as if I had used the Nuvi address function. Hope I explained what I mean. Thanks


The 350 does not support stored routes. You can't plan a route with Mapquest and send it to that unit. You can only send individual points from Mapquest to that unit.

However, if you do plan a

However, if you do plan a route and send it to the unit, as you may already guessed, you get the beginning and ending points in your favorites.

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That's Right

I thought that I could pull off a fast one and transfer a route from where I lived to my aunt's house in San Francisco (on MapQuest) to my 660. Didn't work, as asianfire has stated I just found my starting and end locations, and that was it. A little off the topic, I know, but some of us that don't have units that support saving routes will still give it a try grin