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Just got our new Garmin C340 today and am trying to figure it out. It's our first GPS and got it so I coulg use the Trailer Life campground directory with it. Thing I didn't know was you can't just upload points and maps into the GPS from the directory (bummer). Just starting out and found this website. I hope this unit works for what I bought it for. I am in the house and it is still looking for satellites. I hope it is not "blind".



Welcome aboard

Hi Phil, welcome aboard. You will be able to find just about anything regarding poi's on this site. There are a number of campground listing's available. Good Sam's , KOA, etc . If you have any questions, just ask.



You are going to love it here. Make sure your GPSR has a clear view of the sky or near a window that is not blocked so it can get zoom in on the satellites. It take about 15 to 30 minutes the first time you use your unit for it to get noticed.

Good luck.


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You need to be outside for

You need to be outside for it to get good satellite reception. Also, it will take longer for it to acquire a satellite if you turn it off at a different location than when you turned it on.

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Hello Fireball969 ............ grin

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Enjoy the site Fireball969

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It is nice to have you with us;)

Miss POI


There are lots of useful information and helpful people on this site.


Greetings and Welcome. There is plenty of info here and support as well. All you have to do is ask.

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Welcome to the site.Lots of good poi files here to install and plenty of help if you need it. You may want to install WebUpdater
and run it.A new update just came out for the c340.

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I am new too

I just got a Nuvi 660. This is my first GPS. I just download Rest Area combined. I will test this file on my trip to Pittsburgh PA. Thank you

New to the site too

I'm new here too (well, been here for a week now) but just went straight into the discussions.

Anyway, I've had my Garmin c550 for a year and a half now and love it, in spite of its imperfections and the several times it led me to incorrect destinations/POIs. I'm hoping that through this website, I can get more out of GPS device. And I hope that I can contribute sometime in the future also.

I live in Dallas, btw.