Contributors of the week 2008-03-31


This week we are recognizing Mahoney, VegasDen & Chilei as our contributors of the week.

Mahoney, You took charge of the Chipotle Project and have gone beyond what was expected. You have made individual files that represent the original contributions from the members that were a part of the first phase of this project. I will be looking to you to lead future projects because you do such a great job. Thanks for stepping up and making this happen.

VegasDen, Wow!!! Las Vegas is such a tourist place to go and now we have some rockin files to help us in our explorations there. I will be making that Metro page for you this week.

Chilei, I am sure that every Alaska Airlines traveler on the site would love to kiss your feet right about now. Your bonus rewards Restaurant files are a great addition to the site.

Thanks everyone for another great week.

Miss POI

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Congrats to all !

That's what makes this site so great.

Well done !

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Congr to all, and Mahoney I agree with Miss POI, you are doing a great job on the Chipotle project. As to the other two great job.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T


To all of you on the COW award. Good work

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Congratulations to you all!

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Congrats....Keep up the good work.

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Kudos to the three of ya!!!!!

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Wow, this is an honor. With the problems that existed on some of the files that I uploaded,I felt that I created a lot of additional work for Miss POI. I just want to add that the chipotle usa file is the result by a number of other individuals doing the dirty work. Thanks to them for helping me get a COW.
PS. I needed the good news. My pc had a hard drive failure over the weekend. I have replaced the drive and am now reloading everything back on the pc. Word for the wise "Backup-Backup-Backup"

Take a bow everybody!!!

Take a bow everybody!!!


Contributors of the week 03-31-08

Congrats to the three of you. Job well done.

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Kudos to all the COW.

Kudos to all the COW.

nuvi 2460LMT

Thank you so much! I am new

Thank you so much! I am new at it, I started doing the AK airlines and it seems that I am getting the creation down... more on their way!


So many people come to Las Vegas to visit and to I thought a few contributions would show there is much more to LV than Casinos.

Lots more to come....Viva Las Vegas!


Congratulations to all three. You are what make this site rockin for GPSr's.

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Chipolte Good eatin thank

Chipolte Good eatin thank youuuu

And Congrats to the other 2

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Congrats To Mahoney, VegasDen & Chilei Nice work

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Always Enjoy the COW

It sure is great to see the recgonition of the hard work by so many. Kee up the good work!!