Custom Icon for Favorite NOT POI?



Is there a way I can give a custom Icon to one of my favorites? I know I can change it to any of the icons in the list, but I'd like to have a custom icon.
Where should I copy the bmp file to make it show up in the icon list?


Nuvi 770

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I don't think you can do that. You have to use the list.That is the way it is with my unit.You can take your favorites and make a poi file and custom your icons.I used EasyGPS to download favorites from my Gps then made my poi file.

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Yeah, the list is the only

Yeah, the list is the only option that I have as well on my nuvi 350. For favs that is.

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In the past (with previous Garmin units), you could create custom waypoint icons in MapSource using xImage and transfer them to the GPS unit. The "modern" units don't seem to support this. I know that the Zumo doesn't.

Am I missing something?

Maybe I'm missing something, but why not just create a custom POI with your custom icon for the friend. You can use the Favorite to call or route to him, but when you get close, you'll still see the icon of the POI.

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Yeah, that's what I'd usually recommend in situations like this. The Favorite symbol will be on top of the Custom POI symbol, but if you keep it as the smallest black (or green) dot, the Custom POI icon should still be visible.