confused about adding image


Sorry if this is very basic, but I am a bit confused about adding an image to a POI location. Can I use one image for a small number of related locations?

I would like to flag CNG fuel stops in Phoenix, AZ with a bitmap image of the CNG sticker seen on the rear of our vehicles.

Can the same image be attached to a few (<10) POI files that are tagged in the description "CNG * " with the asterisk being the location name?


The icon file (BMP) is associated with the Custom POI file (GPX or CSV) by naming them the same and placing them in the same folder.

All the location in the file will get the same icon.

If you want the same icon for multiple Custom POI files, you can just copy the icon and change the file name to match the Custom POI files.

Thanks, that's what I had

Thanks, that's what I had been able to figure out from reading the how to's. I was hoping that there was a way to have one image attached to multiple POI's if there was some sort of common identifier in the POI name. Not a big deal since I am only talking about a small number of locations.
Grateful for the instant response!


No, you can't do that. But it's pretty simple just to right click on the BMP file and copy it and then just rename it.