Tips & Tricks for Garmin GPS


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Tips on this page should work on most newer Garmin models.

**Hard Reset**

This clears your favorites and restores default settings.

1. Touch and hold the bottom right corner of the screen.
2. Press the power button until the display comes on.
3. Keep holding the screen corner until the `Erase all User Data` message appears.
4. Touch `yes` and the unit will reset.

**Shortcut to Mute/Volume/Backlight**
Works on nuvi 3xx and 6xx series.

1. Tap the power button on the top of the unit.
2. Touch mute button to toggle mute on/off, adjust volume or screen backlight as desired.
4. Touch Back button to return to previous screen.

**MM's Golden Rule for ALL GPS units**

Think of your unit as a co-pilot, not an auto-pilot"