While reading this mornings paper, I saw Tom Tom had a feature for "Help", which when pressed would display nearby Police, Fire Dept's. and Hospitals.

I did not see any POI here on this subject.

Does anyone know if this exists or is someone up to the challenge?

Go Blackhawks

find me

Most of the Hospitals are preloaded in the units, the Fire Dept and Police is another story, if my car is on fire or involved in an accident I want them to find me not the other way around.

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T2 is doing what Garmin

T2 is doing what Garmin already has, public service pois. however, it is sorta neat that they combine them together.

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Where Am I

Garmin is including this feature, "Where Am I", on the 7XX, 8XX, 9XX, and 5000 models. It would be a bear to implement via custom POI's alone.

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