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I've added a few more links to the faq / help page. It now includes links to useful software and details on the Garmin CSV file format.


Garmin CSV help question

I read the CSV file format help and has a question on putting in alert speeds. you say "if all locations have the same speed alert, you should specify the speed in the file name instead of each location" When you say that does that mean name the filename as something like speedcamera@45 or @45 or 45mph or speedcamera@45mph or some variation.

I have the same question for if i want to add a proximity such as 1000ft from a speedtrap.

Thanks for all your help, i'm a new user to a c550 and i'm loving it so far.


To set speed alerts for everything in the file, you can add an underscore followed by the speed (e.g., Schools_20.csv).

For proximity alerts, POI Loader has fewer options at the file name level. A proximity alert will automatically be set to 0.25 miles if the file name includes the phrase "redlight". The POI Loader 2.3.2 help file doesn't provide any indication that it's possible to set a different distance.

For more details, look in the POI Loader help file uder the section called "Creating Custom POI Files".



Thanks, that helps a lot. a quarter mile is more than enough as a default proximity alarm for me. I thought it was really smart for them to include an automatic default proximity alarm with the "redlight" file name.

Are there any other filenames which will do something similar?


Other keywords mentioned in the POI Loader help file include: GATSO, mobile, SPECS, safety, speed, camera

All of these will trigger POI Loader to set a default alert speed of 0 (always alert).


Multiple alerts

Hi JM,

I need your advice as to creating multiple POIs for speed alert (I know how to create speed alert for one POI but I realized that after passing that POI, my NUVI 360 stops giving me any more alerts even though I drive faster than the set speed limit.

What is the easiest way to create a series of POIs along an interstate (60 mile commute each way)

Thanks so much in advance