How do I find topics that I've recently read or posted or created??


So this forum... doesn't have a search? or a user control panel? How do you all find topics that you recently posted too or created and want to see the replys?

upper right hand corner

upper right hand corner there is a search box.

Miss Poi

finding posts

Good questions mitchgt smile

Right now, there isn't any option that shows only posts that you've recently read, but we do have options that will show what's unread or what's recently created.


unread posts - shows forum messages that you haven't viewed yet (this option only appears if you're logged in, and it only looks back 2 weeks).

I've also just added a few new features:

recent posts - shows new content of any sort that has recently been added or changed on the site. Items you've read do not dissapear from this list.

Track posts by a user - If you're logged in, you can click on a user's name or picture to view their profile screen where you'll find a "track" tab that shows their recent posts.

My discussions - This option now shows in the discussion area and lets you view your own recent posts. (You can also use the "track" tab in your own user profile)


great changes

I like the changes - I'll have to say JM those new features were added fast..LoL
I read the post from mitchgt, downloaded some files, came back to check unread posts - and noticed something looked a little different - the recent posts - feature, then one thing lead to another and I found the rest of the added features. I love this place more and more everyday. I really appreciate the hard work you and Miss Poi do here on a daily basis.

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Thanks lsmonop --

I've been kind of quiet in the forums this week as I've been focusing on making improvements. I finished some "rough draft" work last night that will let us organize content by GPS model. There have been a lot of good posts with tips / tricks that apply to specific models, and I wanted to find a way to save the best ones and make them easier to find.

I still need to do some polish / testing before I implement the changes, but you should see them start to appear on the site over the next few days.


right on, JM! and thanks Ms

right on, JM! and thanks Mss Poi!

Have you all ever thought of turning the forum into vBulletin type forum? I think it would attract many more users.