Importance of customer-created POI maps


A new market research report (I don't have full report) from ABI Market research ( points to the emerging trend that "customer-generated" maps and POIs may actually wipe-out the traditional map business in the In teresting concept that wiki self-build communities like this one in POI Factory may actually have an impact on mapmakers!

"......Community-based user-generated digital maps and POIs are bound to become very important in the future. They will allow digital map providers and navigation vendors to offer more accurate, always up-to-date and cheaper map updates to their customers while enhancing their brands. However, open initiatives such as the OpenStreetMap project may become disruptive factors in the digital maps and content ecosystem as they will provide detailed maps for free to all users, especially as they empower communities with quality control and ownership responsibility.

With the emergence of pedestrian navigation and LBS services the amount of map detail and related content will be several orders of magnitude bigger than traditional map content. The extremely high costs of generating and keeping these huge volumes of data up-to-date will take this out of reach of commercial companies, leaving open community-based efforts as the only available option. As a result business models will shift from map and content license fees to advertising based revenue sources bringing the fixed Internet model to the mobile location ecosystem......"

New to the world of leisure-time GPS; will likely start a custom POI file for Rochester NY area since I can't seem to find one....

As with any new technology

As with any new technology the "experts" predict the end of the current platform. Maps will still be need just like newspapers... they will diminish and profits will be tougher though.

A few outdated technologies and the replacements:

records--> cassette --> CDs
CD-ROM --> CD-R(W) --> DVD-R(W)
Beta --> VHS (somewhat around) --> DVD

A few "revolutionary" inventions that did not completely replace:

newspaper --> internet
paper maps --> GPS
radio --> TV
DVD --> Blue ray
CDs --> SACD or DVD Audio

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A couple more

Antennas - cable box
CD player - MP3 player
Pony express, snail mail - email, FAX


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In 10 years

In 10 years we will probably laugh that we used to hang dedicated GPS devices from our windshield with rubber suction cups.

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Like old cell phones

gymkep wrote:

In 10 years we will probably laugh that we used to hang dedicated GPS devices from our windshield with rubber suction cups.

Ya just like we laugh when we think back to when cell phones were hard wired into cars (and were just called car phones). There was no such thing as a phone you could carry in your pocket and walk around using.


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Ain't that the truth! I still remember the brick of a cell phone I had back in the day. Talk about getting good exercise lugging that around. Now they are so small and light I spend half my time looking for my phone before rushing out the door in the morning. I am sure that GPS technology will go the same way too. We live in interesting times!

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No mo suction cups

The replacement for suction cups will be HUD

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RE: A Couple More

"Pony express, snail mail - email, FAX"

I've been thinking that faxing is on its way out too, being replaced by email. I don't remember the last time I've faxed anything...I just create a PDF of whatever document I want to send and then send it via email.

I guess there still is a lot of faxing going around, but I bet it'll be obsolete soon enough.

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