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I'm the author and submitter of a POI called "Charter One Bank Branches - Ohio." This is what can be downloaded:


COB branches.csv (16.05 KB)
Last update 02/25/2008
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Charter One Bank BMP Icon

I noticed about an hour ago that the file name shown was "COB_branches.csv" (note the underscore) On my computer the file name doesn't have an underscore, it has a space, so I edited that POI entry and resubmitted it with the correct name, i.e. a space instead of an underscore.
So now the download page shows the correct name. That's cool. But when I click on the file's name to download the file, the underscored name is still shown as the name of the file, not the space name that I just uploaded. The name is correct on the displayed page but incorrect when I go to download it. How can I change the download name?
By the same token, the icon (the .bmp file) downloads as "Charter One Bank.bmp." Since when you go to actually use the icon with the POI file the names MUST be identical with the exception of the .csv vs. .bmp extension, I'd like to change the icon's download name to "COB branches.bmp." How do I do that?
I know that once I download the files to my computer I can change their names to anything I want, but I'd like to change them here at the factory so that they're correct right from the start. Any suggestions?

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

Naming function

I can't speak for the owners here, but I believe it is just a naming convention to ensure everyone can download the file. Some OS's require the underscore in the filename to recongnize it.

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Naming function

gpfoster wrote:

Some OS's require the underscore in the filename to recongnize it.

Or to put it another way: Some OS's don't allow a space in a file name. That might include the GPS unit(s) themselves.

It's a "least common denominator" kind of thing.

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