Famous Celebs left in TomTom Phonebook


Well here is a lesson in security! I recently bought a TOMTOM 720 on Ebay from someone on the West coast. I didn't think anything of it when I bought it. 2 weeks later I went to edit my wifes phone book (it would not upload it via bluetooth so I found a way to copy it using a text editor.) So when I copied the file (I think it was called contacts.txt) to my desktop to edit it I expected to see my wifes phonebook but to my surprise I started seeing names like, Farrah Fawcett, Lucy Lui, Tori Spelling etc etc. I figured it was like when you buy a picture frame and they use a good looking model to show off the frame. So I go to my paypal acct to see the name of the guy who I bought it from. I do a google serach and find his name ALL over the place! Seems he is a Hollywood writer and has the names, phone numbers (both home and cell) of almost 500 movie stars, directors, broadway actors, writers, heads of FOX, ABC and you get the idea!! I called him and told him what I found. He was FLOORED. He said he only hooked the Tomtom up for 4 or 5 hours, didnt like it and decided to sell it. Not realising that it uploaded his book to the TT720! Needless to say he was glad I was NOT some kind of lunatic that could have put this list up for auction! Anyway it goes to show.. be CAREFUL when selling your GPS to someone. Make sure you erase all traces that you owned it!


that's scary ... i had a cell phone like that once. bad idea, big mess, etc. etc.

anyway, if johnny depp is in there anywhere, i'd be happy to take his info off your hands

To the best of my knowledge

To the best of my knowledge the Garmin Nuvi's don't store the phone information on them, it comes from your phone via a bluetooth connection so once you disconnect the phone, the contact information is gone as well. Another reason to get a Garmin over that of the competition.

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