Thanx RetiredTechnician for your help! My 2008 MVP POIfactory member!!


I'm sure you all know screenname or POIfactory member by the name of Retiredtechnician. I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day, let alone week in helping me install the voice file to my garmin. I can't tell you guys how patient and courteous he was in dumbing down the process to me. I'm sure there're others who know exactly what I'm talking about here. Your a valuable member to this site and I really appreciate your time.


RetiredTechnician is highly

RetiredTechnician is highly regarded here at POI Factory. Gotta love him, this community would not be as well put together if it had not been for his investment of time and energy to help make this a stellar site.

Miss POI

You Said It All!!!

I think what allbizz said sums it up pretty well. RT is a valued member of this community. Thanks RT!!


RT Technician

Not to mention the Verifier. What a great tool and it comes with limited support. He has walked me through some difficult installation problems and I thank him for his help.