I90-94 Interstate Exits file

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Last updated 02/08/2008

Raw file: I90-94 Interstate Exits.csv (2.84 KB)

Includes 7 locations in the following area:

  • United States: WI

The I90-94 Interstate Exits.csv is built following the format of I39 Interstate Exits.csv.

As with the other intertate exit files, this file does not have rest areas or weigh stations included. Rest areas can be found in the RestAreasCombined.csv file and the weigh stations can be found in the Weigh-Stations.csv file, both of which are on POI Factory.

Abbreviations used in this file are: SB= Southbound, NB= Northbound, EB= Eastbound, WB= Westbount, BK= Burger King, RR= Rest Room, McDs= McDonalds, A-W = A and W, DQ= Dairy Queen.

This file can be used in conjunction with I39-90-94 Interstate Exits.csv, I90 Interstate Exits.csv and I94 Interstate Exits.csv.

As always with the files I compile, if you find an error and let me know I will be glad to correct it.

To find all the Interstate Exit files on POI Factory, one can do a search of Interstate Exits.

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